HEALTHCARE CLEANING: Healthy patients. And a healthier planet, too.

Clearwater Cleaning is at the leading edge of LEED certified, sustainable cleaning methodologies developed specifically for the healthcare industry. We lead the way in delivering extraordinary healthcare commercial cleaning services in Las Vegas. Our teams possess the tools and the training to ensure your surgical and medical treatment environments are attractive and disinfected.

Experience is the difference.

Working with surgery centers, blood labs, fertility clinics, and other healthcare providers over many years has allowed us to lead the way in medical facility cleaning. Our cleaning teams have extensive experience cleaning nearly every type of healthcare facility. We use the best tools and equipment available. We also use eco friendly chemicals when applicable, to ensure a safe, sanitary, and disinfected facility with each and every clean. We consider the standards set by the CDC to be simply the starting point in our cleaning. Our thorough cleaning protocols and use of wide spectrum germicides go a long way toward ensuring you have the spotless and sanitized facility your patients expect.


Our hygienic cleaning methodologies include:

  • Aseptic cleaning
  • Advanced cleaning tools
  • Electrostatic dusting
  • Minimized chemical usage
  • Use of microfiber flat mopping
  • HEPA micro-filtration vacuuming technology
  • Reduction in cross contamination transmission
  • Color-coded microfiber cleaning cloths and tools


Discover what medical facilities throughout Southern Nevada already know.

Clearwater Cleaning provides our signature brand of healthcare cleaning to some of the most concerning medical treatment centers in Henderson and Las Vegas. We work continuously to create a safe and sanitary environment for your patients and staff. Think of us as not only providing you with a spotless facility – but, also as providing eco conscious peace of mind.

We proudly work with:

  • Healthcare facilities
  • Medical offices
  • Surgery centers
  • Recovery centers
  • Outpatient surgery centers
  • Laboratories
  • Hospitals
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Nursing facilities
  • Veterinary hospitals
Eco Fun Fact

Surprise: paper towels are more sanitary than using hand dryers in a public restroom.

Hand dryers may score points for their tree-saving eco friendliness, but they certainly lose the battle when it comes to germ control. A review of 12 studies demonstrated that paper towels are far more hygienic than hand dryers. Hand dryers actually blow bacteria all over your hands, as well as the entire bathroom. And the friction created by actively wiping down your hands with towels actually helps scrub off unwanted bacteria. Read the full article here:  VISIT WEBSITE