SPECIAL SERVICES: If it needs cleaning, you need Clearwater Cleaning.

You have many choices when it comes to Las Vegas janitorial services. Clearwater Cleaning is the first choice of many businesses because of our consistent, high quality, detailed service. We take this attention to detail a step beyond the rest by providing a robust collection of specialty services to accommodate virtually any customer, any need, at any time.


Specialty services include tasks you might normally delegate to staff (who have better things to do) or contract to special vendors (who, unfortunately, often offer less than their full commitment.) Clearwater Cleaning provides an array of services – all from a cleaning service that has earned the respect and trust of scores of customers.

We work affordably, responsibly and consistently to provide eco friendly solutions for:

  • Porter services
  • Ongoing janitorial services
  • Complete floor care


Top to bottom, inside and out – we focus sharply on the details.

  • Building maintenance (light bulb replacement, furnace filter changes, janitorial closet management)
  • Product replenishment (soap dispensers, water coolers, paper towel dispensers)
  • Interior plant cleaning (faux plants, live plants)
  • Deep cleaning (move furniture, refrigerator clean, appliance cleaning, special architectural feature cleaning)
  • High dusting (chandeliers, ceiling fans, light fixtures)
  • Window washing (interior, exterior)
  • Pressure washing
  • Emergency clean up (post accident, natural disaster)
  • Grounds trash pick up (parking lots, landscape, common areas)
  • Day porter services (uniformed service available 24/7)
  • Restroom cleaning (continuous common area services)
  • Event cleaning (pre and post clean up)
  • Just Ask? (got a special request that isn’t listed? No problem, just ask us)


Complete floor care you can count on.

We offer full care and maintenance of hard floor surfaces like ceramic tile, vinyl tile, rolled vinyl, concrete, stone, marble and polished stone. And our complete carpet maintenance program offers commercial carpet cleaning services using the best methods for your carpet and circumstances.

  • Floor cleaning
  • Floor polishing
  • Floor stripping/waxing
  • Floor sealing
  • Carpet cleaning
Eco Fun Fact

Green chemicals can actually save you money.

Because they generally come in higher concentrations, we use less when we clean your office space. Less product means less cost, and we pass those savings on to you. Here’s the source, along with other green cleaning facts, from a trusted industry supplier: VISIT WEBSITE